Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. III. (3 February 1917 to 9 May 1918)

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dead- the act was quickly & amply avenged. A certain Officers (sic) in our Pioneer Bn charged with striking a superior today (11/4/17) managed to get into the attack on the HINDENBURG LINES with the 4th Aust Div. he was killed May 14th 1917 While coming back from NOREUIL this morning saw fine well built man a Sergt VICKERS brought on stretcher to Wagon post. He was very badly knocked about by shell splinters & I thought dying he was conscious but uttered no complaint or groan. later (1/2 hour saw him breathe his last at D.S. & his paybook trinkets etc removed from his clothing. his poor shattered limbs & body arranged for burial. these are the incidents that bring the horrors of this awful business home to one & make one think Story of 2 Australians taking Boche to rear one wanting other to agree to settling the Boches & going back to their dug out - the other refuses & says duty to deliver prisoner to cage as directed. One later says to the other Bill I have just put ? bomb in the Boches pocket. Are you coming? Wife with her husband - Officer in Guards taken prisoner at MONS lost his memory returns as exchanged prisoner to find his Wife (believing him dead) has married a brother Officer & has a child by him. How useless men are kept or made. a Lieut Col then being useless sent as ? to est. Bn mens lives! & this is War.