Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. IV. (June 30, 1918 to November 20, 1918)

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& took over 100 prisoners 10 M.Gs 2 M. Wafers with very slight casualties. This was afterwards increased to over 300 prisoners & 20 M.Gs. Left BUSSY at 9.45.a.m. for BOULOGNE, picked up Capt. GREENLEES at Aust. Corps. H.Qs at BERTANGLES where I saw B.G.G.S. & C.E about lowering water in the SOMME owing to the danger to the Bridges in the event of the lock gates being broken at CORBIE or DAOURS. Left BOULOGNE at 4 p.m. appted O.C.TROOPS. arrived FOLKESTONE at 6.15.p.m. LONDON - 8.25.p.m. Car from A.I.F. meet me & took me with Wife & Nancy to Richmond. 'X' Air raid about 11.30 p.m. considerable damage done in London, lives lost 4 Gothas down. There was nothing like the amount of gunning I expected. Family quite calm. May 20: Beautiful day. Car from A.I.F. took me to Office of Munitions where I saw Col WRIGHT Controller of Steel & Col. CARMICHAEL, C.E. with reference to manufacture of Casemate. After a good deal of discussion we went to CAMAFLOGE SCHOOL in HYDE PARK L'. Col WILSON Comd & arranged for Capt. GREENLEES to emplace my Casemate there for Mr CHURCHILL & conference to see tomorrow. Saw the MOIR PILL BOX & am now convinced my invention is much the better thing for the purpose reqd. Went to HORSEFERRY RD & saw L'. TOWNSEND at WARWICK ST & arranged car etc for tomorrow arrived back at RICHMOND at 2. p.m. Visited sick & wounded N.C.Os & men from 5th Aust Div at Richmond Hospital. Major Rigby of S. African M.S. conducted me round. [Page] 2