Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. IV. (June 30, 1918 to November 20, 1918)

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some were very complimentary. The minister seemed quite satisfied & arranged a meeting at Gen Binghams Office at 5.p.m. to fix the whole matter up. I lunched with Sir Earnest Moir at the Reform Club. (Saw Mr. Charles Timperley, Peter Bennett, Bob Davies at Pinners Hall during afternoon) At 5 p.m. attended meeting at Gen BINGHAMS Office. present Sir Ernest (sic) Moir, Gen Bingham Mr. Allen from Beardsmores, Col Wright, Col. Carmichael & Capt. Greenlees. The thickness of Steel for Cupola etc was discussed & it was decided to make Cupolas if possible in one piece in 9 or 10 millimetre Steel. Capt. Greenlees left with Col. Carmichael & Mr. Allen for Scotland to see what can be arranged & return on Friday Gen Bingham congratulated me on the great value of the invention I called on Gen Griffith at A.I.F on the way to Richmond & was shown over the new Record Office buildings. Arrived at Richmond about 8. pm May 22nd Beautiful day. To A.I.F. H.Qs. met Gen Ryan, Mr. Manifold M.P. had interview with Gen Howse. Saw Col. Maudsley & then had interview with Gen Griffiths. Ordered 500 Div Honors Cards. Lunched with Sir Newton Moore at Royal Thames Yacht Club. [Page] 4.