Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. IV. (June 30, 1918 to November 20, 1918)

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June 19th Rain during night & raining heavily during day bad vis. In morning busy with Office work & correspondence. In Afternoon called on G.O.C. 47th Div. (on my left.) to get him to agree to raid proposed by 58th Bn on Enemy trench partly on his extreme right & my extreme left. He (Gen GORRINGE) agreed. Rain stopped about 3 p.m. rest of day bright & clear. June 20th Morning ground mist Afternoon bright & clear. The raid by the 58th Bn (L'. Col Watson) was a failure. party raiding of 1 B. & 13 O.R. had 7 casualties. left D.H.Q at 5 a.m. to inspect & visit R. Bde Sub Sector. Called at 8th Bde. H.Q. picked up G.O.C. then to 32nd & 31st Bn H.Qs. then 29th then 30th saw all Os/C & assured myself that arrangements for defence satisfactory. Also called on & saw O/C 55th & 60th Bns finished at 15th Bde H.Qs. saw G.O.C. ill in bed. arranged for him & G.O.C 8th Bde to confer as soon as he is well to fix junction of times in forward zone of defence. Impressed on Gen Elliott need of defence of valley of ANCRE. He attributed failure of 58th Raid to faulty Stokes mortar cartridges & too small a raiding party. June 21st Showery - indiff. vis. Gen. White M.G.G.S. 5th Army called at lunch time. after lunched discussed system of defence etc. Corps Comdr called late in the afternoon & discussed possible attack by B. div. & the part this Div might have to take. Also various other matters affecting the Division. June 22nd Showery Stormy, indiff vis Quiet night. In morning to 15th Bde H.Qs. at HEILLY conferred with 8th & 15th Infy. Bgdrs the [Page] 18