Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. IV. (June 30, 1918 to November 20, 1918)

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X Last night a Boche Aeroplane dropped 3 bombs into the 32nd Bn ration parties as the rations were being distributed with the result of 36 casualties 22 being killed. Gen Birdwood called midday & discussed various matters in connection with the A.I.F. generally & this Div particularly. He wanted me on account of my health to take a months leave & rest but I emphatically declined to do so at this juncture. I promised however if I really felt worse or felt that the Div might suffer through my indisposition to apply at once for leave. June 25th Foggy early, fine day. Quiet night (except partly of R. Bde front) In morning to 8th & 15th Infy. Bdes. Saw Gen Elliott with regard to propd attack on enemys trench system by Coys. of 58th & 59th Bns - etc - Saw Gen Tivey with C.R.A. (Gen Phillips that all was in order for raid by 32nd Bn Also consulted both Bgdr on question of their H.Qs. at D.19.D (Amiens Albert Rd) & on "leave" for them selves. Afterwards went to select exact site for new Bde H.Qs. (as above & met O/C 15th I. Coy. there. In Afternoon went to inspect 14th Bde & 15th Bde. Schools in the BOIS DE MAIS - former not altogether satisfactory (Commandant Maj. Stutchberry not quite the man) the 15th very good Commandant Maj. (tempy) Ferres. June 26th Fine day, fair vis. X The 32nd Bn raid last night a great success. party killed 30 Boche & brought back 3 Boches & gave us an identification of the 43rd German Div & almost their junction with 107th. Our casualties very slight,except the gallant leader of the raid L'. Nelson was killed coming back. [Page] 20