Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. IV. (June 30, 1918 to November 20, 1918)

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In morning to 14th Infy Bde HQs went with Gen STEWART to inspect sites suggested for new H.Qs finally decided & with his concurrence on site at D.19.D. Inspected 14th F. Amb. at their A.D. station near Amiens Albert Rd everything quite satisfactory. In Afternoon 4th Army Comdr called I explained condition of Division etc also discussed my M. G. Casemate. X I also spoke about the absurd construction of the reinforced concrete casemates on Army trench system W of LA HOUSSOYE. Gen Rawlinson said he would visit them. Later Gen MONASH Aust Corps Comdr called. Went into several matters with him & got his consent to change B.H.Qs for 2 line Bdes. from HEILLY to D.19.d. He told me about probable operation & directed me to make divisions on our front. He spoke to me about the absolute necessity of taking a months leave. I asked to postpone it for one month. (when the Div should come out of the line) I also fixed up about Bgds leave. Tivey & Elliott & Col. Davies to come back at once to 8th Bde if reqd. We also discussed the question connected with the command of the A.I.F. & Corps. & Gen M. consented to me writing to the minister. Inspected Dug Outs in course of construction for D.H.Qs at St GRATIEN asked to push them on with speed. June 27th Fine (perfect) day good vis. In morning met C.R.E on new site for line Bde H.Qs & gave him instructions - then went to G.O.C 15th Bde. gave him instructions re diversion - for future operation & arranged his leave also had some conversation re. command of A.I.F. etc. I also told him to get to new H.Qs. as soon as possible. Went to G.O.C. 14th Bde. told him about Chinese diversion to help probable operation later. - Told both Bgdrs they would have to probably side step S. for about 700 X & take that extra frontage. 14th Bde relieved 8th Bde during night 26/27. [Page} 21