Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. IV. (June 30, 1918 to November 20, 1918)

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June 28th Perfect day good vis. Quiet night. X Wrote letter to minister re intrigue going on in London with regard to higher administration and comment of A.I.S. Col. Peck returned from 1 mos leave last night. In Afternoon went to French Rifle range west of AMIENS to see the Divisional finals of the Army Rifle Asstn. The Teams left in were 15th Bde. 58th Bn. Comd by L'. Deans 1st 14th Bde. 55th Bn. 2nd 8th Bde 30 Bn 3rd Won by 15th Bde team which did exceedingly well especially in shooting & Maj Callender who came from Army to judge said the Team was most exceptionally good. June 29th fine day dull, fair vis Bgdr. Gen went on leave this morning. Capt. Goodland left to take up his appointment with 5th Army. In Afternoon inspected 8th Bde School near ALONVILLE not altogether satisfactory June 30th Fine day good vis. Good deal of aerial activity last night but little damage done. 15th Bde got a Boche Gunner this morning who walked into their lines. Visited 15th Infy Bde H.Q. & went into arrangements for raid to night - got G.O.C to cover trench elements on right of point of entry with S. Mortars & M. G. fire. Also discussed minor operation to take place in a few days time on left of 15 Bde. Arranged for Gen Elliott to apply for leave from 6th inst. Went to 14 Bde HQs saw Gen Stewart told him to arrange minor operation not exceeding 300 men to be employed as a diversion to the operation taking place south of us. To 8th Bde. H.Qs. saw L'. Col Clarke told him about getting more students in Schools & ascertained if his command where properly distributed & knew their role & responsibilities. Visited work of new Bde. H.Q Group Dug Outs on ALBERT AMIENS Rd [Page] 22