Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. IV. (June 30, 1918 to November 20, 1918)

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In morning visited G.O.C 4th Aust. Div. at BUSSY & discussed with him recent operations & proposed capture of ground in front of his left & my right as suggested by Aust Corps Comdr - Arranged for Bgde to concerned to meet & take steps necessary to carry out as far as possible Corps Comdr wishes. Called at Camouflage depot at PONT CAMON & saw comouflage bonnet for Hobbs M. G. Casemate cupola. July 7th Fine warm day bad vis Quiet night. In morning visited Bde. Schools 8th 14th & 15th in Bois de Mais. Addressed the Students on completion of the course at 14th Bde school. X In Afternoon attended 4th D.H.Qs at BUSSY & was presented to the CLEMENCEAU president of the French Republic a splendid grand old man of 77 who came down to thank Australians for their work in France & especially in connection with the successful operations last Wednesday at HAMEL. He made a very fine little speech to about 400 of our men who much appreciated it. To Dinner with Corps Comdr at BERTANGLES. July 8th Fine hot day bad vis In morning visited 15th & 14th Bde H.Qs saw both G.Os.C. & discussed past operations & new to be undertaken in near future. July 9th fine day, dull, fair vis Rain in Afternoon & evening. 26