Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. IV. (June 30, 1918 to November 20, 1918)

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We are preparing on our front. In Afternoon Corps Comdr called & I explained our proposals for raids & minor operations which he tentatively agreed to. Afterwards rode over to G.O.C. 8th Bde at FRECHENCOURT about above. L'. Col LORD from 3rd Aust. Div for temporary duty as O/C 15th Bde. Good news of the operations down south. July 18th Fine bright fresh day good vis L'. Col. Mausden went on leave & is to see Capt. Greenlees re. Hobbs Casemate. In morning to O.P on Corbie Ridge. Afterwards to conference at 14th Infy Bde H.Qs to arrange for forthcoming minor operation & raids. present G.Os.C. & Bde Majors of 14th & 8th Bdes. C.R.A. G.S.O.1 Major Ackland Liaison Officer G.H.Q called to see me X 10 p.m. The splendid news of the French Counter Attack is just to hand they are just on SOISSONS & it is reported have captured 20.000 Boche & 200 Guns. July 19th Perfect day, good vis The Boche after a preliminary bombing attempted to raid our line near MORLANCOURT but without any success. The french mission to Australia called here this morning & I took them to see VILLERS BRETONNEUX battle field. Some of the 59th Bn (Vict) 14th 8th Infy.Bde H.Qs at HEILLY where they also saw 14th Bde Troops then on to RIBEMONT where they saw 2 Coys of the 32nd Bn they also saw the Div demonstration platoon at Div H.Qs. at St GRATIEN. they were very pleased & interested & spoke (both Dep. A. METIN & Gen PAU to the Troops on 3 occassions (sic) & conversed with the staffs. The mission is composed of Deputy Albert METIN (chief.) 31