Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. IV. (June 30, 1918 to November 20, 1918)

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Two unsucessful (sic) Boche raids on Aust Corps front during night we captured prisoners & killed Boches in both cases. a fighting patrol of 5th Div also captured a post & killed 3 Boches & captured 1 W. prisoner & a British Lewis gun - In morning visited G.Os.C. 4th & 3rd Aust. Divs. at COISY & BUSSY In afternoon to Corps. did work waiting for me with D.A.A.G. & B.G.G.S. then met Army Comdr IV Army & arranged to carry out minor operation in two or three days by 5th Aust Div near the BRICK BEACON. July 26th Showery all day, good vis In morning to H.Qs. 8th Bde at HEILLY to Conference of Bgdrs 8 & 14th Infy Bdes. C.R.A. C.R.E. O/C 5th M. G. Bn B.Ms. 14 & 8th Bdes & also Af G.O.C 15th Bde present. The plans for the minor operation astride BRAY CORBIE Road were discussed & adopted. The 8th Bde under Gen Tivey to do the operation & a Bn under Gen STEWART to endeavor to explore the result by a further attack 45 minutes later on the right. night of 28/29 selected as Zero day With Af. G.O.C. 15th Bde. L'. Col LORD inspected & addressed the 59th Bn on the MERICOURT CORBIE Rd (parade excellent. Saw two men afterwards one about leave, other refund of pay lost in doing guns I.H.L for desertion he being under age at the time. In Afternoon G.O.C. 4th Aust Div came to see me, also D.A.A.G. Corps with papers to go through & complete. July 27th Wet day bad vis. Quiet night. Inspected the Div Signal School at St GRATIEN & addressed the Students in Afternoon to Aust. Corps. H.Qs. saw B.G.G.S. C.E. G.O.C.R.A. D.A H.Q & D.A. & Q.M.G. & transacted 35