Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. IV. (June 30, 1918 to November 20, 1918)

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the alteration in the work allotted to the Division & issued the necessary instructions & orders for the moves etc. Engaged in preparing list of Honors Recommendations & rewards for late operations. Augst. 16th Fine warm day, bad vis. In morning engaged in completing list for Honors & rewards in connection with late operations prisoners passed through Aust. Corp cages & C.C.S. to Augst. 15th is now 195 Officers & 8572 O.Rs of those the 5th Aust Div contributed 47 Officers & 1663 O.Rs. Total captures by IV Army to 4 pm. 15/8/18 482 Officers 21362 O.Rs total of 21844. The 1st french Army on our right captured about 8500. The Divisional Casualties for the operation we killed 5 Officers 116 O.R. missing 16 O.Rs. wounded 47 Officer 690 O.R. total 870

[Hobbs added wrong- the total is 874]

X In Afternoon went POULANVILLE to see the HOBBS Casemates that have arrived & are being set up. they are quite satisfactory in my opinion Capt. Greenlees was present. Augst. 17 (Near HAMEL) Fine day, bad vis. Our 14th & 16th Bdes. relieved the Bdes. of the 17th British Div in the line & our 8th Bde. their Reserve Bde. I took over the command of this the HAMEL Sector at 10 am from Maj Gen Robertson Comg. 17th British Div. It was a very good hand over. This Div had about 900 gas Casualties 46