Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. IV. (June 30, 1918 to November 20, 1918)

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the line handed them by the 2nd Aust Div. but later in the day retook it. On way back to D.H.Q. I called at the 55th Brit. C.C.S. O/C. L'. Col HIGGS & saw Sister Ashton. Augst. 20th Fine day indiff. vis. Good deal of shelling over forward zone during night. In morning Maj Gen GLASGOW GOC 1st Aust Div came to see me with regard to the relief of our Div by the first. I fixed up all details with him & gave him all the information & assistance I could. Later with I.O. visited H.Qs of 15th Bde at MORCOURT. Saw G.O.C & gave him instructions re move etc. then went down the MORCOURT Valley past the five 8" Naval Boche Guns lately captured. to 14th Bd H.Qs off WARFUSEE - ABANCOURT Rd not far from LA FLAQUE. Gave G.O.C. instructions for the relief etc. X There was a good deal of heavy shelling going on in the forward zone here, especially on the huge dump of Engineer's stuff (partly remains of our stuff captured last march & partly Boche) at LA FLAQUE. this dump was in flames & notwithstanding the heavy bombardment efforts were being made to salve stuff by light trains & to put out the fire. I went forward to our support line which was being shelled & spoke to the men they were quite cheery. Visited the 55th 53rd 56 & 54th Bn H.Qs. & saw all C/Os. all seemed well with Bns X later 11 p.m. Good news from French at SOISSONS 10th French Army report advance on 25 kil front to a depth of 5 1/2 kil. Estimate capture of 10.000 prisoners many guns exceedingly heavy losses in killed & wounded to the Boche - going through this area I had to pass through dozens of Boche magazine or dump full of gun ammunition? captured with his shell falling very close. 48