Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. IV. (June 30, 1918 to November 20, 1918)

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They got over about 3.30 pm. but were unable to do anything, the 2nd Div were counter attacked & driven back the position has been obscure. all the afternoon I was at 7th Bde. H.Qs. from 10 a.m until one p.m. & had conference with my Bgdr & C.R.A. told them the situation & ordered the necessary movements & issued instructions necessary for helping 2nd Div & our own crossing. In touch during the day with G.O.C. Corps several times & G.O.C. 2nd Div. Arrangements being made for an attack at dawn by the 6th & 14th Infy Bdes. 14th Bde to gain high ground S.W of DOIGNT Conference arranged at 9 pm to make all arrangements G.S.O.II sent there moved to new Div H.Qs. at FONTAINE today. Had a very difficult & trying day. did not turn in (all standing) until 3 a.m. XX Sept. 1st Fine day, perfect. (Sunday) most severe fighting all day 2nd Div for St. QUENTIN we in Peroxine FLAMINCOURT. We have taken PERONNE except ramparts & citadel from which enemy M. Guns are stopping our advance eastwards Towards end of morning our situation appeared very good as reported we had advanced well N.E of PERONNE & had the high ground S.E of it which we were after. about 6 p.m however I got definate (sic) information that owing to heavy shell fire & M. G. fire we had (53rd Bn) had to vacate ST. DENNIS with heavy losses that the whole of the 14th Bde except 56th Bn had suffered heavily that 15th Bde had had to retire from PERONNE (except some posts) & FLAMINCOURT with considerable loss & that the situation was very serious I reported to Corps Comdr who was of course rather upset about it & 54