Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. IV. (June 30, 1918 to November 20, 1918)

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As the 58th however proceeded with the mopping up of Peronne & the Ramparts( & splendid work was done by this Bn & its commander Major FERRES who was wounded but kept at the job for hours after) the fire from the ramparts ceased & the advance was able to get under & capture St. DENNIS & could have gone further but 28th Bn 2nd Div could not get on. The 58 took 4 Officers whole Reg. staff & 100 prisoners & killed many 14th Bde took 6 Officers 130 O.Rs. The capture of Peronne was a fine effort & equal to anything yet done by Aust. troops. X I shall never I think have a tougher problem to solve. my position was difficult indeed on Sunday night when Gen Elliott told me his men were practically done. (he certainly was very very tired) both he & Gen Stewart led me to believe their losses were very much more severe than they were. Gen Elliott at 10 a.m stating his men were being cut to pieces by M. G. fire (I ordered them to dig in) from front flanks & even rear. their losses were really not more than 20 per cent except 53rd Bn about 200 men Great confusion & nearly disaster occurred through St. DENNIS wood not being shown on large scale map. At 6 p.m. in Conference at 15th Bde H.Qs 1000 yds S.W of Peronne. present Infy. Bgdrs C.R.A. G.S.O.1. I gave instructions for relief of 14th Bde (who came into support tonight & then into Div Reserve) & 58th Bn by remainder of 15th Bde. 8th Bde to move over river to West of PERONNE in support at 5 am. 3rd instant tomorrow. High ground S.E of Peronne to be taken during night if possible & line advanced eastwards to DARMSSTART 56.