Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. IV. (June 30, 1918 to November 20, 1918)

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trench X I have had all through these operations to work with a short staff G.S.O.1 ill then went away altogether. Major McColl from Corps H.Qs came this morning to take up the duties of G.S.O.1 Sept. 3rd Quiet night. Fine beautiful day Situation unaltered. Splendid news from the north. 7000 prisoners yesterday Bosche (sic) retiring & burning from YPRES to AIZECOURT. Engaged in straightening up Office work & correspondence. not feeling at all well Sept. 4th Quiet night. 15th Bde advanced its left. In morning went to 14th Bde H.Qs & with G.O.C. visited & addressed the four Bns of the Bde in their rest bivouacs. They look astonishingly well after their awful experience & hard fighting & seem very cheerful. X It is amazing to me when I see the country they went over with belt after belt of unbroken wire against well placed M. Guns & a resolute Enemy. that they were not all swept off the face of the earth. Every indication that the Boche is retiring again on our front. our patrols are pushing out after him. The news from all along the front is very good again today. this afternoon I was visited by the visiting representatives of the Australian press Carson from Perth brought me Langlers (W. Aust) good wishes Yesterday a Boche Reg Comdr we captured in PERONNE said that we the 5th Div. had out generalled out fought & out manouvred him & done what he considered impossible in the capture of PERONNE. Gen MONASH said it out rivalled the Anzac landing. (57)