Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. IV. (June 30, 1918 to November 20, 1918)

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Sept. 5. Fine cool morning. Very good advance made during the night by both 15th & 8th Bdes the former are through FLAMICOURT & have patrols on the high ground in I.35.0.4.b. Gen Elliott rang me up at 7.30 am & told me his men were absolutely done, fed up & on the verge of mutiny & must be relieved. I told him they would be tonight. Later 9.20 am. I told G.O.C. Corps. the situation & that the 15th Bde were done & that I proposed to relieve with the 8th & that I wished to bring up my neucleus (sic) for 14th Bde. to which he agreed. In morning went to H.Qs. 15th Bde saw G.O.C. gave instructions with regard to reliefs & further advance. X Saw our Troops advancing in battle formations up slopes of high ground East & S. East of Peronne. fine advance made to day by 8th Bde. & 15th & BUSSY & DOINGT captured & about 50 prisoners & many Boches killed late in Afternoon Corps Comder called & gave me the general situation Corps policy & instructions for the advance & our relief in about 4 days time when I am to go on leave. Thunderstorm about 5.30 pm which has cooled the air. Boche blowing up Dumps & burning Villages etc in all directions in his retreat. I told Corps Comdr about trouble in 59th Bn & he approved of the action I had taken to deal lieniently (sic) with the offenders. Relief satisfactorily carried out by 11th Bde & my 8th Bde in taking over the new Sectors for the futher advancement Eastwards. 58.