Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. IV. (June 30, 1918 to November 20, 1918)

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Sept. 6th Very fine day good vis. quiet night. Our advance was continued & we were established on the "green line" our objective for today with no opposition - the Boche is still burning Villages & dumps & shows every sign of retreating before us. In morning I visited all three Bdes. saw G.O.s.C & gave them after explaining the situation instructions for the advance. I visited Peronne, St. Dennis & the Railway station at Flamicourt. there are a good many Boche dead about. how our men achieved the success they did is beyond me in the face of the difficulties they had to surmount. The Boche has left much Ammunition & Material about Peronne (including a complete stone crusher) he has done a lot of semi permanent work in preparation for the Winter too. Discussed with L'. Col. Scanlan & Gen Elliott the trouble in the 59th Bn. I think the men affected are sorry for their misconduct & were led astray by 2 o (sic) 3 bad but strong characters among them but they have had a very trying time. they are now properly under control again. Sept. 7th Fine day, good vis. quiet night. Our A.G. 8th Inf. Bde. continued the advance this morning & captured & have gained objective "blue line" on which they are to rest 24 hours they have captured HANCOURT BERNES FLECHIN SOYECOURT & POEUILLY. In morning IV Army Comdr called to see me. I explained what had 59.