Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. IV. (June 30, 1918 to November 20, 1918)

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& 319 O.R. through Div Cage 2 Officer 100 O.R. through C.C. Stations total 5 Officers & 419 O.Rs. X Material so far counted 2 5.9" - 8 4.2" 18 - 77s 7 M. Wafers (sic- Werfers) 2 anti Tank guns 66 M. Guns We assisted in the capture of Bellicourt & captured ESTREES, NAUROY & JONCOURT. Our Casualties for the whole of the operations are killed 14 Officers 194 O.Rs. wounded 61* Officers 1138 O.Rs. missing 73 O.Rs. Total 1480 Gen Blamey called to see me on corps matters in afternoon. Oct 6th Fine day, fair vis, little rain in evening In morning with G.S.O.1 & C.R.A. I visited the ground over which the Division fought on the 29th Sept. to Oct. 3rd inclusive, including BELLICOURT & the SEIGFRIED (sic- Siegfried) system of the Hindenburg line & LE CATELET trenches. The system is a maze of wire entanglements trenches & switches. Some of the trenches 15' wide. I was rather suprised (sic) to find that they seemed in a neglected state in many cases & little or no work had be done on them lately. generally there was not much to show that the enemy resistance had been great, except in the LE CATELET trenches & at various points where Enemy M. Guns had been implaced (sic) & their crews had fought to the last, being shot or bayoneted round their guns. The Artillery fire appeared to have made little impression on the wire our men got through by following the tanks which did such excellent service. The terrain is wonderfully good for defence & we may well congratulate ourselves on having forced a passage. there were some rather appalling battle scenes in places. I went some distance up the famous canal tunnel at Bellicourt & saw the barges were (sic- where) the Boche had been living inside the tunnel. The general impression I got was 70

  • This is the number that passed through Div Cage but it is believed that at least 200 others were captured by the Div. & passed through Americans.