Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. IV. (June 30, 1918 to November 20, 1918)

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after conversation with him & G.S.O.1 1st Div. I came to the conclusion that these Divisions were not fit to go back into the line & there might be trouble if they did. I therefore decided to see the Army Comdr. on Monday & see what could be done. X Oct. 21st Fine day but dull. With B.G.G.S. went to MATIGNY FARM (near ROSIELLES) & by appointment saw Gen Rawlinson. I told him that the Aust Divs were a long way under strength the 1st & 4th had lost about 700 Officers & O.Rs. who were going to Aust. that they had lost many Bn Comdrs that they were just (commencing? )the training after a great deal of work in getting necessary preparations made, that they had sports meetings etc arranged, that the mens nerves were shaken & that they were not mentally fit & last the Mr. Hughes had promised the 4th Div a long rest & probably no more fighting. I expressed the opinion that the men would be very upset at having to go in again so soon & would not last. I asked that they should have at least another 3 weeks or months rest. The Army Comdr said he would do without them for the present & they would not be reqd for at least another fortnight & not then if it could possibly be avoided. I wired result per B.G.G.S. to Aust C. Comdr. & 1st & 4th Divisions. I afterwards saw Army Artillery S. Capt. & found out what was being done about our Artillery. 2nd Div Art & 6th A. Bde now out I asked that 5th Div Art should be next relieved. Went on to St. QUENTIN. Town practically destroyed, fine Cathedral 78