Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. IV. (June 30, 1918 to November 20, 1918)

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transacted Corps business with them. Afterwards went to TREPORT & MERS Sea Side resort 2 miles from EU. very picturesque little places. had a very good plain lunch at HOTEL DES BAINS. Col Downey my A.D.M.S. & my A.D.C were with me. A most enjoyable ride home through most interesting country witH the Trees & Woods gorgeous in the Autumn Coloring brought a delighting days work & pleasure to a close. Early in morning saw Gen FOOTE Corps. C.E about Engineers & training & him going on leave. Oct 25th Fine day, dull. In morning rode to RAMBURE & near there inspected 5th Aust Machine Gun Battalion & transport Afterwards addressed the men. the inspection with the exception of some matters with regard to Transport that I pointed out was satisfactory. only complaints were from two men who had not been able to send a cable asking for money from Australia. Oct. 26th Fine day. Left D.H.Q at 9 a.m. for RUE to see demonstration by Aust. Corps School in Musketry M. Guns & trench mortar fire this took place on the Sea shore before a large number of Officers & O.R.s & was most interesting & instructive. I returned to D.H.Q. through CRECY saw the memorial cross in the Village to the Bohemian King slain at the battle & saw the battle field from the site of the windmill King Edward III witnessed the Battle then ran along the Road through CRECY 80