Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. IV. (June 30, 1918 to November 20, 1918)

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In Afternoon saw 5 O.Rs. prisoners convicted by C.M. for desertion or A.W.L. commuted & recommended suspension of sentences. Oct. 31st Some rain during night 30/31 little dizzle (sic) during day. In morning inspected 15th Field Ambulance at BOENCOURT 8th F. Amb. at BIENCOURT. In Afternoon inspected 14th Fild (sic) Ambulance at MAIGNEVILLE. All these inspections very satisfactory Horses & transport especially so. I addressed the parades in all cases. no cases of complaint among personell (sic) one man only wanted to know why he had not be (sic) accepted for Flying Corps & told why not. Gen Montgomery & L'. Col Neilson also Major Neilson to lunch. In Afternoon L'. Col. Levy to lunch & to get our demonstration platoon ready for tomorrows demonstration by Officers of Training Inspectorate later Bgd. Gen GUGGISBERG of the training Inspectorate came had an interview with me on our methods in the Div. & stayed the night with us. - G.H.Q (amenities?)? Armistice arranged with TURKEY. Nov. 1st Fine day. Engaged all morning with Conference & demonstration by the Inspector General of Training Dept. represented by Bgd Gen GUGGISBERG & L'. Col. LEVEY Corps Comdr. was present the lecture & demonstration was particularly good The Inspectorate staff Corps. & 5th Div Bde Comder to lunch In Afternoon to Conference of Div Commanders at BELLOY presided over by Corps Comdr Afterwards 4th Army Comdr came & spoke to Div & Bde Comdrs on probability of Aust Corps being 82