Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. IV. (June 30, 1918 to November 20, 1918)

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shortly again required to take him in the line. Nov. 2nd Fine day, dull. In morning inspected 53rd Bn 14th Bde School & 14th X.T.M. batty at St. MAXENT & 55th & 56 Bns (with transport in all cases) L'. Col Marshall in comd. of Bde. at VISMES. Inspection satisfactory In Afternoon inspected 5th Aust. Div Signal Coy with transport near OISEMONT. Saw 1 man only who reported? with complaint from old 54th Bn who complained men were not being returned to Bn. also 1 man with very trifling compt from Sig Coy. Went to Dinner at CAVILLON with Gen McLagan & 4th Aust Div Staff & afterwards to see Concert Party at PISSY the best show I have seen in France. splendid music very clever show. On way Home picked up two Sisters & 2 Officers from wrecked Red Cross Car near OISEMONT. Nov. 3rd Fine dull & gloomy In morning to church parade of 5th Pioneers at CERISY. X The (sic- Then) saw twelve men of various units convicted by G.C.M. for A.W.L & desertion commuted several sentences & suspended all. In Afternoon had conference at D.H.Qs. of Bgdr C.R.A. Div Staff Bn & other unit Comdrs. to discuss lessons of Operations since Augst 8th last. questions of Training and Admistration (sic) relations especially between Officers & men & the future employment & tactics to be adopted in the future. Nov. 4th Beautiful bright day In morning inspection of Divisional 83