Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. IV. (June 30, 1918 to November 20, 1918)

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Engineers at BOULLAINCOURT (sic- Bouillancourt) EN SERY very satisfactory. Only complaint from a Corpt who had been improperly placed under arrest by the R.T.O at ETAPLES. In Afternoon attended sports of 5th Aust. M.G. Bn Nov. 5th Wet, drizzly day. In Afternoon to Conference on Training matters etc held under the presidency? of L'. Gen MAXSE I.G of training. Meeting was at 1st D.H.Qs. LONG & all Div Comdrs (Corps. Comdr also) Bgdrs & C.R.As. & G.S.O.1 were present. Matters of training were ? by Gen MAXSE but nothing of a very definate (sic) nature took place. Nov. 6th Wet & drizzly. Inspection of Div Artillery at GLISY & Sports etc all postponed on account of wet day & bad state of ground. In Afternoon visited all three Bde H.Qs. saw G.Os.C. Bdes. gave instructions re training and Schools (Bde) Nov. 7th Fine day. In morning rode out to see Pioneer Bn training - only one Company working satisfactorily Saw Bn Comdr & spoke very strongly to him on the subject. Afterwards went over to RAMBURE (sic- Rambures) & saw part of 5th M.G. Bn at work & visited 32nd Bn & 31st Bn went to former Bn H.Qs & saw latter Bn Comdr L'. Col. McArthur. In Afternoon went to 15th Bde. Sports at HUPPY very good afternoon saw Miss Birdwood & Sister Marchant there. Asked Gen Elliott to let Miss Birdwood present the 84