Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. IV. (June 30, 1918 to November 20, 1918)

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prizes which she did very nicely. XXX At these Sports got the news that German peace envoys had left for front to meet Gen Foch re Armistice. late 7.15 p.m. got the news Armistice signed all terms agreed to. Nov. 8th Fine morning wet in Afternoon News of Armistice having been signed untrue. In morning inspected the whole of the 5th Aust. Div Artillery at LONGEAU near AMIENS at a ceremonial parade under the C.R.A Bgdr. Gen BROWNE. It was a very good & satisfactory show After inspection in line of massed Batteries Brigade marched past in line & then trotted past in Column of Batteries, then formed hollow square & I addressed them. Maj Gen. Lewis Comdg. 30th American Division was present & Lt. Col Lloyd who is to relieve Gen Browne there were no more complaints from personell (sic) In afternoon went to 8th Bde Sports & Div Boxing but both postponed on account of wet weather. X At 9.30 am. got notice & congratulations from Corps Comdr on having been granted by nomination of Commander in Chief La CROIX DE GUERRE by France. Nov. 9th Beautiful day. In morning visited 15th Bde School at ECOURT. After inspection & thorough & satisfactory test of 80 odd students I addressed them 85.