Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. IV. (June 30, 1918 to November 20, 1918)

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leave to day. X About 10 am got message from Corps. that 3rd Div wireless had caught to the effect that Gen Foch wiring to our C in C said "Hostilities cease at 11 oclock no troops to move beyond the line they occupy at that time until further orders" I wonder if its true with the abdication of the Kaiser & the naval & other ? & social revolution going on in Germany - & with ERBERT & Saddler as Regent & Chancellor in Germany. I think it probable. later 1 p.m. yes it is confirmed the Armistice is signed (at 5 am this morning.) the Bells are ringing in the Villages round about & the people have produced & hung out their flags. We are not excited about it. it is well that the peace will come has come gradually & it has come much as I expected & foretold. In Afternoon to lecture by L'. Col LASKEY 5th Tank Bde. to 15th Bde School at ERCOURT. a good lecture. Nov. 12th Beautiful day, but cold In morning to inspection & test of 8th Bde School at WATTEBLERY. very satisfactory result. (Capt. CAALMERS Comd) afterwards I addressed the School. also witnessed their attack demonstration on rifle Range near BLANGY. In Afternoon to 14th Bde. Sports at St MAXENT. good meeting. presented the prizes to Winners & addressed the men. Nov. 13th Beautiful bright (frosty) day. 87.