Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. IV. (June 30, 1918 to November 20, 1918)

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penetrated the Roof of the Dug out & burst in the Kitchen killing 13 Boches & blowing parts of them including a head into the Coppers. 3/10/18 Exploration of Tunnel Corps had ordered an exploration of the Tunnel of the St. Quentin Canal from the Bellicourt to the LE CATELET end & I arranged for the Engineers to do it under proper escort etc as it was thought the Boche might still be occupying side slits shafts Dug Outs & outlets off it. on the Exploration Party moving off they met two Diggers who asked for a bit more candle as theirs had burnt out & they hadn't quite finished their explorations. they had been right through the tunnel. 3/10/18 The Americans who had taken part in the commencement of this Battle viz the capture of the Siegfried Sector of the Hindenburg line & had had a very bad time asked our fellows if this was a sample of the fighting in france & if they the Australians had had previous experiences like it. dozens of times was the answer. 29/10/18 Inspected 15th Aust Infy. Bde this morning at near HUPPY on a ceremonial parade it was most inspiring these 2000 odd veteran soldiers steady as rocks on parade. what a privilege & honor to command such splendid gallant men. some of them quite young. one boy had first been in battle at BULLECOURT at 16 & fought right through in most of our engagements since. this is by no means a singular instance. Australian Officers not Heaven born Soldiers most if not all Aust Officers in high command are men who were enthusiastic Citizen soldiers & spent many years in military study & work. A very large proportion of Aust Regular Officers turned out Duds bad ones too some of them.