Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. IV. (June 30, 1918 to November 20, 1918)

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Augst. 29th 1918 Yesterday the Boche was certainly "hoist with his own petard" he had mined the WARFUSEE Rd one of his 77mm guns retiring along it struck a mine which exploded with much success. I saw the Gun & timber in the crater & 2 horses & driver dead on the lip. One of our Amb. Cars also struck a mine on the road yesterday. the body was blown clean off the chassis. 3 Doctors were riding on the front seat & escaped with a shaking except Major SAWERS who had his eye brow cut. Capt FAY was one of them. 28/8/18 Good story of Col Peck in Amb. Car. a digger saw his staff cap lying on his chest on the blanket, grabs it with "good enough for me" not for your life says Peck. The digger thought he was a gonner & that he had captured his cap as a trophy. 2/9/18 During the fighting a (sic) PERONNE yesterday a party of 1 Off. & 40 other ranks Boches were being escorted to the rear when the Officer shot one of our Officers in the back. The escort retaliated by wiping out the whole batch. Inscription on Boche grave Two unknown German soldiers added - They met a digger. 2/10/18 The Corpse Factory The finding of a Boche Kitchen in a Dug out over the entrance of the Tunnel of the Canal near BELLICOURT revised the story of the Corpse melting down factory. One of our shells had