Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. IV. (June 30, 1918 to November 20, 1918)

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to progress and undoubtedly saved thousands of casualties and enabled our Infantry to progress. 9/8/18 near HARBONIERRES we captured a D.H.Q. The men discovered two boxes of Iron Crosses arrived evidently for distribution, they were but to Diggers by Diggers. Souvenir hunting 11/8/18 this vice has lead (sic- led) both our own people & the Boche into serious trouble. instead of fighting and following up an advantage valuable opportunities are lost while Officers and men are looting captured material etc. Salvage. For the month of July the 5th Aust. Div. salved 46421 lbs of dripping for which they received 16227 francs. August 15th 1918 At the Battle of Villers Bretonneux on the 8th and 9th the first time I had Cavalry, Armoured cars (12), Tanks (36) & 9 supply Tanks (5 of these burnt and destroyed through being brought to VILLERS-BRETONNEUX 2 nights before battle. August / 1918 Splendid read in the captured Bosche intelligence summaries that Aust. prisoners taken night 5/6 Augst refused to talk & really misled the Bosche by their negative replies, the Sergt. conduct was especially admirable, they belonged to the 4th Div. In a Bosche order he refers to the way our men through their Bush training cut out & scupper his Picquets and outposts without leaving a trace & implores his men to try and prevent it