Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. IV. (June 30, 1918 to November 20, 1918)

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to the original number and finally at midnight 8/9th the numbers were again detered, (sic) the team being reduced from 11 to 8 posts(?). Transfusion of blood. Mans life saved after operation of 29/7/18 by direct blood transfusion at 14th F. Amb. A.D.S. (by Maj. Gordon Taylor 5th C.C.S.) Man at point of death almost immediately revived & was sent away in the ordinary way immediately after. Arrangements had been made for administration of preserved blood. 8/8/18. VILLERS BRETONNEUX. A great battle going on & one of our "Diggers" running a reaper and binder(?) cutting the crops on what was yesterday a badly shelled area. 11/8/18. I saw the wreck of the 14 (out of 18) Supply Tanks that were to have taken up our stores & Amm to blue line on the 8th. They were all taken up into a small orchard in VILLERS-BRETONNEUX on the night 6/7 and on the afternoon one was struck by a 77 shell, set on fire, this set off the others. The man responsible for this awful blunder should be shot. the place was bound to be shelled it was continually under shell fire. I never saw such a complete wreck in my life. The conduct of some of the Tank crews during the battle of 8 9 & 10th was superb, they took their Tanks to almost certain destruction to enable the Infantry