Major A.J. Love, First World War Gallipoli diary

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19/5/15 Arrived on transport Lutzow. Anzac Cove at 6.30 pm 21/5/15 Disembarked on two destroyers & arrived in bivouack at 6.30 pm under shrapnell fire. 3 sick sent to Lemnos 1 man hit Pte 722 Doran D & returned to Hospital ship. Men detailed to dig dug outs as protection against shrapnell, which is bursting at frequent intervals over the bivouack strength officers 24 other 470 494 22/5/15 Improving dug outs & settling down Myself & senior officers made a complete tour of inspection of our trenches & position, under guides from Army H.Qts. strength 24 469 493 23/5/15 Regiment ordered to march to Monash Gully, through shrapnell gully & form part of the reserve of No 3 Section under Col Chauvel which comprises Courtenay's, Popes & Quincy posts. Capt Fry left behind - sick, influenza Bivouack heavily shelled with shrapnell. Lieut Olden wounded in bivouack & sent down to hospital. Snipers very active - several casualties party detailed under 2 Officers to occupy inner defence trenches & patrol. Heavy shell & rifle fire all evening. strength officers 23 others 472 495 [date torn off] General armistice to bury dead from 7.30 am to 4.30 pm. 3000 Turks reported to have been buried. Made a rapid inspection of whole position & gained a good general knowledge. A memorable sight never to be forgotten - Turks & ours intermingling; lines & trenches so close stench abominable. In one place on Quinns trenches not more than 7 yards apart. [Page 4]