Major A.J. Love, First World War Gallipoli diary

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27/5/15 Relieved A Sqdn_ + sent 100 B Sqdn_ to Quinns- Major Todd to command. short of officers. 3 wounded + 2 sick.Officers others Lt Burkett sent to hospital. sick- Machine gun section, taken on strength for rations + records Strength 1 officer 26 others less 4 men on SS Cameronian = 23- less 1 man to hospital today = 22- Relieved Major Todd. Capt Jackson left in command Quinns- Capt. (Q M) Robinson a/adij in bivouack- All ranks ordered stand to arms from 12 pm dismissed at 3 am - + to arms again as usual at 3.30 am to 4.30 am Trench reported, ready to blow up on right of Quinns-.. Relieved Lts Campbell + Colpitts + replaced by Lts Rowan + D A Jackson at Quinns. Machinery for pumping water + hauling supplies + material, up to precipitous position required Machine gun officers 1 other 21 officers 18 others 488 [other total] 509 28/5/15 Lt. Craig. detailed to report to Quinns to relieve Lt Cadden. Lt E C G Scott to report to Popes to relieve a C Sqdn officer. for experience. Lt Neil Campbell temporarily to command A Sqdn_ + to proceed with a communication trench from our bivouack towards N.Z. trenches [Page 8]