Major A.J. Love, First World War Gallipoli diary

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Organization re arrangement Major Todd to be a/2nd in Command. Capt Robinson to be A/adjt + A.M. Capt R Jackson to be A/Sqdn leader of B Lt. N Campbell to be A/Sqdn leader of A approved by Brigadier Also received approval of G.O.C. to make Communication trench from our bivouack to junction with NZ. trenches Walkers ridge,- Commenced work at 6.30 pm. Bivouack heavily shelled from 5 pm to 7 pm - 2 shells fell on road, within a few yards of my dug out. 50 men each from B + A Sqdns warned to relieve 100 all ranks Quinns Lts Kiad + Colpitts to go with party + relieve Lts Rowan + Jackson with Lieut N Campbell to command - + relieve Capt Jackson- Suggested to HQts 3rd section to relieve Quinns post at night. send 100 all ranks tomorrow morning, then send 50 tomorow (sic) evening + withdraw the 50 in trenches, to save traffic + sniping by day- An officer with good sound, general commercial knowledge should be appointed with a separate staff. to organize, administer recommend commercial requirements to be attached to the general staff. [Page 10]