Major A.J. Love, First World War Gallipoli diary

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Popes hill Lieut Sherwood C Sqon No 654 Sergt Farquaharson W 434 pte Lockhart 230 pm, relieved B Sqdn_ then in trenches at Quinns with 50 each of A + B Sqdns. with Lieuts Kidd, Colpitts + Cadden, + returned with remainder of regiment to bivouack. Visited C Sqdn under Major Scott on Popes Hill + returned to bivouack at 4.30 pm, after reporting to C.O. Brigade H Qts No 3 Section All ranks behaved splendidly + steadily under exceptionally heavy fire + I wish this placed on record. From information I have to record very unfavorably of our present rifle. Jams occurring very frequently through bolt heating with rapid fire, + in our posts of Quinns, we had to utilize about 3 rifles per man, to keep the men in action. Capt Jackson has war diary locked away. In furtherance of Commercial officer + dept- Dry Canteen required- The appointment of such an officer + dept, seem to me daily an absolute essential- Timber, iron, sand bags +c, daily asked for. Men having to subsist on 1/2 gal water daily + do pick + shovel over/ ? work besides soldiering- am told abundance of water at Mudros + Istibros.? A condenser should be erected. [Page 14]