Major A.J. Love, First World War Gallipoli diary

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witnessed sortie by our men at 1.5 pm through periscope + think located machine gun + later pointed out same to Capt Pace, Bomb Machine + directed their aim, till parapet blown away + smothered in dirt + sand bags. Our machine gun from this post, blown out of action twice. Enemy machine gun Courtneys right out of action Sortie successful. + trenches occupied Lieut Kidd reported back, with all his men at 4.30 pm. Lieut Colpitts reported to be holding his part of trench at 8.30 pm. + our troops sapping from Quinns to him.[deleted: Following is list of Casualties.] Lieut Colpitts returned - with several of his men at 9 pm. Lt Kidd took A trench, captured 1 Turk, who afterward seized a rifle + shot one or more of his own troops + assisted our men to leave the trench + return to ours. Kidd reports, trench about 12 or 15 yards long, very deep + a tunnel leading from this to the rear towards Turkish main trenches, blocked tunnel with sand bags + while doing so was heavily bombed from a trench in same line not quite completed through to one he occupied. The communication was later completed + the Turks rushed through. Our men so jambed in (viz 23 of them) that they could not either use bayonet or rifle with effect.[Page 18]