Major A.J. Love, First World War Gallipoli diary

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+ so had to retire. 6 or 8 men could have done the work with better effect. Below is outline of trench [hand-drawn map of trenches here, ours and the Turkish at Quinns post] Lt Colpitts reports having occupied trench on left of Lt Kidd, but it did not communicate with it Killed + wounded several Turks + held trench for about 8 hours, - while party from Quinns was trenching to sap to this position, but bombs + bullets doing so much damage decided to return to our lines under cover of darkness. Below is outline of trench [hand-drawn map of trenches here] Sortie complete success+ object viz reconnaissance effected. Casualties very heavy. Men still being utilized as pack horses to carry supplies, water + military requirements to trenches up precipitous hills, a small oil engine on each post would do this work + pump water. Workshops, blacksmith, carpenters plumber +c, with necessary tools + equipment, should be established. Also Engine + saw bench.- [Page 20]