Major A.J. Love, First World War Gallipoli diary

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General Godley - Highly Commended Gallantry + success of sortie + asked me to transmit his expressions to my regiment. Special enthusiastic references + congratulations from Col Pope + all officers on Quinns- Wrote report + forwarded same to 3rd LH Bde HQrs_ recommending recognition of all who took part. 31/5/15. Major Scott with 150 others to relieve Major Todd at Quinns. Bombs + rifle fire the order of the day + night. Countermining + trenching day + night Turkish trench blown up about 9 p.m. by Sortie of small party of N.Z. with explosives Improvement of cover to trench + crater captured by Colpitts party Received word that we were being relieved from Quinns on following day 878 Trooper Lewis E.T. Killed - at Quinns 1/6/15 Report(ed) [(.)crossed out] personally to 3rd LH Bde H Qrs_ tomorrow inspect(ed)[crossed out] space for bivouack at Walkers Ridge + will send working party of 100 men + officers to arrange bivouack + dig in Major Scott + 150 men to return (ed)[crossed out] from Quinns on 2nd June Received orders form 3rd Sect H Qrs, to report with Regt. to 4th Sect H Qrs_ making my own arrangement [Page 26]