Major A.J. Love, First World War Gallipoli diary

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+ move off before dawn, capture guns known as W near Biyak Anafarta, also the two villages + especially hills 971- 700- 500, the crux of the undertaking. Reinforce our present infantry with say 20000 men + with these to make a general advance, taking advantage of the situations created by L.H. + occupying forward positions + linking up with the above 3 hills, relieving the L.H. + allowing them to make further advance round enemy's right, from our left flank. The plateau 400 on our right flank to be seized + occupied + our whole line advanced threatening Kajadere + Boghali. Separate transport to bring forage + water for a week's supply + further boats to follow every 4 days with supplies of same. Saddlery except headstalls, which are to remain on horses to arrive in forage + water transport 3 or 4 days ahead. Court martial on No 24 R.G. Gunn ordered for 10 am Major Reynell pres. + Capts Piesse + Beechman members. Awarded 35 days Field punishment No 1 + retd to Abassia Detention Barracks on 8/6/15 48 men for 24 hours as sappers supplied. [Page 34]