Major A.J. Love, First World War Gallipoli diary

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12/6/15 Enemy heavily shelled beach + bivouacks with effect Killing several + wounding many + also mules. 1 man - MGS of ours recd a bruise on shin from shrapnell in his dug out. Regt to form Inlying picquet from 7 pm tonight to 7 pm tomorrow B Sqdn to take up position in Mule Road, remainder of Regt in bivouack, ready to move at a moments notice - Shortage of water, great inconvenience - News recd of fall of Pryemzel + also of Warsaw + occupied by Germans - No mail recd since we left Egypt - Reported one recd today - P.O Dept wants reorganizing -This is the only fly in the ointment every other department working satisfactorily.

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