Major A.J. Love, First World War Gallipoli diary

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20/6/15 Very quiet day. Only a few shells fired from Anafarta Gun - Our guns fired several rounds - Church service held by Capt. Makeham 18.30/19.30 Report re Lieut Craig recd back with memo from Brigadier expressing his grave displeasure + instructing that same should be filed - Also forwarded report re Lieut Craig - in reply to complaint re late arrival of sapping reliefs - Forwarded suggestions re supporting trench & plan of same & recd thanks & approval from General Russell - Also sent suggestions re organization + arrangements for bomb attack, suggesting working in pairs, every man to be trained & carry 6 bombs in apron of sand bag on person fastened round waist. every other man to carry a fusee stick for lighting - reinforcements to carry same quantity in similar way to replenish. Flags or lamps by day & night respectivily to be carried & exhibited to show positions of our men when trenches captured tc (see suggestions) to NZ + A H Qrs over [Page 60]