Major A.J. Love, First World War Gallipoli diary

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23/6/15 Usual heavy shelling by enemy - Rumored that we are to be replaced by Infantry + return to Egypt to our horses - 1st LH Bde said to be embarking on Sunday - Written again asking authorities to cable + find out condition of sick + wounded officers with a view of replacing those who will be away for 2 months or over - + so reorganize - position serious - although deficient in officers - have had 3 officers practically detached on trench works for some time Shortage of drugs + MO reports same condition in peninsula -

                                                     Landed as per 11/6/15 officers others 26 556

Effective 14 391 MGS detached 1 25 MGS detached duty 4 Sick 1 68 Wounded 8 52 Killed 5 Missing 1 Retd to Heliopolis 6 Retd to Units 3 Attached 2 1 26 556 Officers after discharge hospital have great difficulty in returning to their units in the field. It appears to me that only those officers + others who are extra keen on their job will return within a reasonable time, as so many obstacles placed in their way, by either red tape or want of organization at base - This matter reported with Capt Fry's statement - [Page 66]