Major A.J. Love, First World War Gallipoli diary

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26/6/15 Took over No 3 Subsection of No 4 Section Defence from Lt Col Findley C.M. Rifles which includes trenches from beach on left to Howitzer Gun inclusive on right + also No 1 outpost - Applied for + got Major Todd, Hon Capt McMasters + Lieut Williams returned to Regt for duty - also asked for return of 40 men detached as miners - the latter will be retd as soon as possible. Inspected the whole position + posted troops. Requested + was granted permission to man N of outpost with a complete unit of 1 Sqdn permission recd too late to act today, but arrangements made to do so tomorrow A Sqdn under Major Todd to occupy this post. B Sqdn under Capt Piesse B Sect of Sub Sect 3 + C Sqdn under Major Scott. A section of Sub sect 3. - Trenches very shallow + narrow - Visited trenches after occupation - Major Todd retd to duty - [Page 70]