Major A.J. Love, First World War Gallipoli diary

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24/7/15 Expected enemy attack not yet eventuated Every precaution taken against surprise Enver Pasha reported to be back again with Turkish troops. Incendiary shell lodged in Tasmanian trenches - emits jet of flame 8 ft in diameter but was easily quenched with a few shovels of earth. All ranks warned. No Gas net used, although expected daily - Col Brazier not yet arrived Small mail recd - but principally English Enemy shelling rather heavier than usual Shortage of officers still, + position very unsatisfactory - Ordered to get applications for competitive exam + await Col Braziers arrival; These vacancies should have been filled weeks ago. Commanding officers should be best judges of the men suitable + their recommendations promptly acted on. Col Hughes appointed Brigadier General - Landed as per 22/7/15 27 610 Effective 14 373 Detached Bomb machine H Qrs 1 Detached MGS 1 24


Sick in bivouac 11

              Sick in hospital                          2        126

Wounded 7 54 Killed 1 6 Missing 1 Retd to units 3 Heliopolis 6 9 Attached 2 1 27 610 [Page 128]