Major A.J. Love, First World War Gallipoli diary

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7/8/15 All ranks to arms at 4 am, fighting kits + in shirt sleeves. 8th LH to assault as 1st + 2nd line 10th LH to assault as 3rd + 4th line. Assault from five trenches as per plan. All positions of trenches + saps, lettered by me to correspond with plan. Bomb parties organized + arranged 3rd Line under Major Todd 4th Line under Major Scott Bombardment started at 4 am + terminated at 4.30 am, where first + 2nd lines who were in position assaulted, under a withering Machine Gun + rifle fire from unshaken enemy troops in trenches on NEK + Chess board. Impossible for men to live Boc H Qrs appealed to + informed of position + original orders insisted on by them Our 3 + 4 lines ordered to assault Enemy's Machine Guns+ rifles opened fire before the assault was launched - Therefore assault premature not sufficiently prepared by artillery bombardment. Not a man reached enemy's trenches Personally saw impossibility of further assault, after a personal reconnaissance made in front of No 8 + No 5 saps, + as all were either killed or wounded in this [Page 154]