Major A.J. Love, First World War Gallipoli diary

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Section decided to reform + reached our lines in safety. on my way back had a short conversation with Major Deeble of 8th who was lying in front of our lines + was unable to get a yard further forward - Then visited the left section + made a personal reconnaissance in front of our trenches + held a conference with Major Todd + (Major McLauren of 8th) who were agreed that it was impossible to move a yard further forward, without losing most if not all ranks so instructed Major Todd to retire with me + interview Brigadier which we did + were ordered to instruct 8th + 10th to withdraw + proceed to Monash Gully + support Cheshire Regt - This was done successfully under a withering shrapnell, machine + rifle fire - Later recd orders to return to Broadway. Casualties extremely heavy, but if assault had been further insisted on + continued feel sure both 8th + 10th would have been practically annihilated. No Co-operation - or Covering or assisting fire,+ in Consequence enemy were able to line their trenches, take deliberate + steady [Page 156]