Major A.J. Love, First World War Gallipoli diary

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aim, which with the fire from several machine guns, which commanded + swept the narrow NEK, with cross converging fire, made the assault with 600 men in 4 waves a perfect death trap. The actual assault was repulsed with heavy loss to us, but we certainly must have held a few thousand Enemy troops, concentrated in this central stronghold + so materally (sic) assisted the flanking movement made by our other troops on our left flank. All ranks behaved Gallantly: though recognizing a forlorn hope The following officers were killed + wounded Killed

   Capt VF Piesse
   Capt AP Rowan
   Hon Capt RT McMasters
   Lieut DA Jackson
   Lieut  P Turnbull
   Lieut  Roskams
     Lieut TJ Heller

Capt WC Robinson wounded Lieut L Craig wounded Major AJ Love injured Took over trenches No 1 post from No 4 Sap to the right - RUSSELLS TOP. Furious fighting on both flanks [Page 158]