Major A.J. Love, First World War Gallipoli diary

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10/8/15 Struggle still continues - Fighting furious on both sides, alternate success + loss - Quiet day on our front, thus giving men a short respite. RUSSELLS TOP very weakly held. All ranks very weary - with long hours extra vigilance + fighting.11/8/15 Battle still raging - orders to hold our trenches at all costs. Small artillery pieces should be erected on RUSSELLS TOP to cope with + destroy Enemy machine guns. Ordered to still keep 50% all ranks on duty in fore trenches during day - although men nearly worn out - appealed against this but without success Water very scarce, + ration cut down half 12/8/15 A partial lull in the force of the battle Enemy reported digging furiously + strengthening their position All ranks very worn + weary. Enemy shelling furiously at periods of day + damaging our trenches [Page 162]