Major A.J. Love, First World War Gallipoli diary

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13/8/15 Enemy still shelling our trenches + Sniping from Snipers Ridge, with great effect. Otherwise a lull. Water is still very scarce + a great hardship - All ranks have to be kept up to concert pitch + extra vigilant to repel any attack + hold our trenches, which are very weakly manned. Made 4 demonstrations during night, with little effect, but idea is to pin enemy to NEK + CHESS BOARD Major Scott slighly (sic) wounded, but continues duty - 14/8/15 Indian prophecy that war on Peninsula will cease to day - but no appearance of this Enemy shelling severe, considerable damage done to our trenches - Water very scarce No issue this morning - Sugar 1/2 ration No bread for over a week. [Page 165]