Major A.J. Love, First World War Gallipoli diary

page 192
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by Turks who had manned in force on parapets front + rear thereby surrounding us. Our position became untenable + many of my men became hors de combat. I therefore decided to cut through back to our fire Trench + gave the Order to retire. This order was rapidly executed took the Turks by surprise as they evidently anticipated our surrender. I arrived back in the trench ultimately with my whole party. Trooper Rotson was captured but our Turkish prisoner seized a rifle,Killed one fought the others until Rotson got away. The friendly Turk gave up his life out of gratitude for the good treatment he received at our hands whilst a prisoner. Demolition party did not follow us, as was arranged in operation order, supports had to leave fire trench owing to heavy Turkish attack. We therefore lost their support which made our position precarious. [Page 192]