Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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[Top of page stained and unreadable.] Messers Green & Bussell expected. I have overtaken [words missing] Shera [...] my boots, seed & letter from [words indecipherable] his wages. Corporal to erect house for me - [...] a bill dated tomorrow [...] 4th for 25£ in favor of Lawson & another in favor of Mr Kennedy for £10 dated 5th agreed to give the Corporal £12 to erect my Cottage Tuesday 4 Fired some bush to have a clear view of my intended site on the Vasse. Wednesday 5th Letter to [...] & Co.to Geo Simmons To Geo Kennedy & to Jont Leach to Mary K to Mr. Martindale to Capt Mangles to Mrs Dalton Kennedy John [...] & Lewis purchased Laymans 2 year old heifer for [...] pounds Thursday 6 Mary & Fanny embarked on board the Champion delivered Letters to [...] agreed for a Sack of Barley at 7 p. Bushel borrowed £3 from C Bussell by order C.S.L to pay Layman Friday 7th Went over to Woronup - made some arrangements abt a verandah round the prison Cottage. Saturday 8th Went down to the inlet to fish returned after dining to the Vasse recd a Letter from [...] party [...] Augusta agreed to give [Page 75]