Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 1 July 1837 - 21 February 1840

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1837. July Th. 13th Collecting wood. Fine Wr. B. Friday 14 Carried wood with oxen. Fine Wr. B. Whales in the bay. "Donna sowing seeds" Saturday 15 40/8 NE to NW Cold clear Wr until towards noon empd. clearing up. [...] W. of the man child. B. Sunday 16 N.E. Performed divine service. Fine Wr. Several Whales in the bay. B Calf Monday 17 NW. Clear & fine Wr at night thunder & rain Wallace at work. B Tuesday 18 NW. Occasional showers. Wallace at work B Wednesday 19 NW Much rain during the night, Wallace at work. B. "The Donna sowing seeds" Thursday 20 WNW Squally Wr frequent showers Wallace at work. B. Friday 21 Fine Wr carried Manure Wallace not at work. B. "The Donna sowing seeds" Saturday 22 South Wallace at work. The natives withdrew from the cattle herdings, having robbed Mr Hurford en route of a polling oxen & some potatoes. B. Clear & fine wr. Sunday 23 S to SE. 50/8 Coming with calm clear Wr fine throughout performed Divine Service Mily atted. B. Monday 24 NE to North 50/8 Clear calm & fine Wr. moderate breeze towards noon. Working. Cleaning up in stock yard. B. Tuesday 25 N to NW 45/8 Clear Wr & moderate. "Wooling" B Wednesday 26 North 45/9 Clear & fine. "Wooling" B [Page 4]